Until 2 hours.....4€

From 2 to 4 hours.....7€

Day (more than 4 hours)*.....10€

24 hours.....12€

48 hours.....22€

Extra day (from the 3rd day).....8€


*Until closing time

Light and confortable bikes

The rental price includes all taxes and 4 locks. Helmets and child seats are optional but also included in the price.

Terms & Conditions :

1. The Lessee agrees to assume responsibility for possible damage, loss or theft of bike components and accessories during the rental period, provided that he does not have the insurance (optional) hired. The insurance consists of paying (€ 5.00 / bike), apart from the rental price, at the time the contract is made. In case of damage or theft of the bicycle frame, the insurance will not cover.

2. Parking and traffic rules must always be respected; these are your responsibility and obligation.

3. Deposit required; We have 3 options:
a) Valid official document (Passport, European Identity or Driving License).
b) Cash.
c) Temporary retention in credit or debit card.